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Larry's Download Area:

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These are programs I have written over the years, some are new some are old. ... 267kB
Description: VectaSketch v1.4 applet and SketchPad v1.4 application. A Web Page Vector Graphics Script Language. Requires a text editor and JAVA enabled browser. Supports drawing lines, polygons, circles, ovals, arcs, looping, conditional branching, GOTO, and GOSUB of code blocks, mouse xy, mouse button, mouseovers, bitblit, sound, math, floating point variables, date and time functions, multiple screens, etc... Written in JAVA. ... 98kB
Description: Personal Appointment Calendar v3.33 for MSDOS but works fine in Windows 98. Has a GUI and uses the mouse. Prints out great refrigerator calendars, remembers dates for you. Requires a DOS and Epson compatible printer with 20 CPI capability. Written in GFA BASIC. ... 93kB
Description: NighHawk Gears for MSDOS but works fine in Windows 98. It will give you a idea of what RPMs your 1991 thru 2003 Honda CB750 NightHawk will be turning with different sprocket combos. I got the formula off a Yahoo group message so it's only going to be a close. If it's some use to you good. Written in GFA BASIC. ... 25kB
Description: Some AVS files I made for WinAmp, some are pretty cool, some just are. ... 384kB
Description: Blue Instant Graphics! Online Interpreter version 1.3 for MSDOS This is a vector graphics terminal for calling computer bulletin board systens with a modem. It has it's own offline viewer and paint program included. Disregard phone numbers in here and Shareware fees for these old programs. Written in Borland C. ... 323kB
Description: CONDOR v7.0 (C7) is a ANSI.SYS replacement for MSDOS. It supports standard ANSI graphics for compatibility, but also supports pixel level graphics for CGA/EGA/VGA a '286 or better is required. C7 has commands to draw lines, circles, fills, rectangles, text, music, animation, sound effects, FONTs, ICON and Button creation for commanding DOS or a BBS. C7 comes with CPAINT a mouse painter to create C7 graphics. CONDOR v7.0 is Public Domain. ANY program that supports _external_ ANSI (ANSI.SYS) has _INSTANT_ Condor support BUILT in! Includes CondorX.EXE that will display the Condor Script Vector Graphics or ANSI graphics files without installing Condor.sys in your CONFIG.SYS file. Written in Borland C. ... 156kB
Description: MDB.EXE - Music Collection Database v1.0 for Windows, written by Larry Mears 2001 A simple easy to use database to keep up with your Albums, CDs and Cassettes. FreeWare - In The Public Domain, written and tested under Windows 98 using EUPHORIA Get Euphoria!
(Euphoria is not required to run this program). ... 73kB
Description: Instant Graphics! v2.16 for the Atari ST computer, written by Larry Mears 1986-1991 This is a Vector Graphics Interpreter, Desk ACC and InterLink .EMU I did a version 2.17 but the disk has gone bad. I have the source code but my Falcon030 can not run the Laser C package so until I get something that can I can't offer version 2.17 Maybe a emulator can run Laser C / MegaMax C.