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If you had JAVA you'd be seeing a cool graphic now.

SketchPad is a JAVA 1.0 application that helps you create VectaSketch drawings. It will let you use your mouse to draw polygons, circles, lines, points, rectangles, ovals, text, arcs, etc., in VectaSketch format. It makes short work of defining clickable Zone Links and BitBlit screen animation. SketchPad also has a built in text editor for hand editing the more complex VectaSketch script commands such as JUMP BLOCKS, & LOOPs, Variables, Math. I used SketchPad to create the above animation which is only 11k in size. I used the SketchPad animation routine to do the saucer animation. The text editor was used to code the little ovals that blast the letters down to earth using a JUMP BLOCK and Variables. I used SketchPad's text editor to type in the HTML too. SketchPad is Shareware, no timeout.

You don't need Java to use VectaSketch, just a Java enabled browser and a text editor like NotePad, SketchPad just makes it easier, however you must have "Java 1.0.2" to run SketchPad. I'm running Java on Windows 98 with no problems. There is no charge to download Java. It's a programming language for free! Thank you SUN! To download and install Java 1.0.2 from SUN click on the Link below to go right to the source for your Java.
SUN's JAVA DownLoad Page