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If you had JAVA you'd be seeing a cool graphic now.

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This is my personal website. I hope you enjoy your visit. Check out my Vector based Web Page Graphics Script Language - VectaSketch . The above animation is a VectaSketch script. I first wrote this for the Atari ST as GTerm in Pascal in 1984-85, then I rewrote it as a Atari ST Desk Accessory in 1985-86 in C. It's main use was on the FoReM Bulletin Board Systems, I called it "Instant -Graphics!" also known as IGS, networked across the US it was most popular in Huntington Beach, CA the same place RIP script years later sprung up. I also wrote BIG "Blue Instant Graphics" terminal for DOS based on Borland C's graphics library. Later I wrote CONDOR.SYS a ANSI.SYS replacement to try to replace the blocky ANSI text based graphics on the DOS BBS systems with Condor's vector based graphics and sound, it got wrote about in a magazine or two but RIP came along about that time and took over. Shortly after this the Internet got cheap and the average guy was online, HTML became the standard and modems were much faster so the use of larger GIF files were the norm. I became discouraged and for many years I just surfed. Finally I decided to bring my original concept back to the web with VectaSketch, of course now by this time there was already FLASH but it's editor is expensive, so I went ahead with my plans for VectaSketch. If you like to tinker with BASIC code you can handle VectaSketch, if not well the SketchPad Paint program helps but advanced effects require hand editing. System requirements are a JAVA enabled browser and a text editor, just about everybody has that. You may be able to tell I am not a artist or a designer or writer either, ha! Check out the Effects Gallery for various VectaSketch scripts.

I am testing Monzilla 1.0 for Win32 and I find that the VectaSketch scripts must be very short, I think under 8K to work properly. To get a bigger script I do this PARAM NAME=sketchbuffer VALUE="I8,0,title.vsk`" Where title.vsk is the saucer animation above. A VSK file is simply a text file with VectaSketch commands. This lets VectaSketch load it's own buffer and not be limited by the browsers string length limit on PARAM. The SketchPad painter (spad.class) for VectsSketch has a Save as VSK option, it strips all the HTML out and saves just the VectaSketch commands and adds a comment up at the top of the file like /VS14,5,800,400,4,400,400,16:` this takes the place ot the HTML header that SketchPad usually looks at to get itself setup. VectaSketch itself still needs the calling HTML file to set up the VectaSketch PARAMs.